Oh hi! Sorry about the mess, I'm slowly getting all this stuff onto shelves..

Welcome to Cloudy's little digital corner. I'm a 90s kid re-learning coding and website design after a long time away, so please forgive the spaghetti code, ha ha. More and more will be added here over time, as the mood strikes. Please feel free to follow me on neocities, and even grab my button from the links section, if you'd like! I hope you enjoy enjoy your stay in my little sleepy zone. Thanks so much for taking the time to pop in!

3/9/24 - Started setting up my Pokemon shrine! Just finished adding info to my Game Log- there were a lot!

2/25/24 - More additions to the Toybox, a new page showing photos of my high school room, and some more stuff behind the scenes!

2/19/24 - Home Page tweaks, added some great vintage pixels to the Toybox; highlight are the Binky Beads pixel beads!